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Philosophy 01 - Sport of War
What is wrestling? This may sound like a simple question with a simple answer but like most things in life, the more one learns, the harder the answers become. more...

Philosophy 02 - Objectives of Wrestling
Last article we saw how wrestling is the sport of war. Building upon this foundation, this week we will look at the objectives of warfare, and see how it matches up with wrestling. more...

Philosophy 03 - Sport of Nature
Most wrestlers would think back to the first day they stepped on the mat and learned the difference between a square and staggered stance. They might remember the endless running, pushups, and having to carry a buddy on their back. Or maybe they remember learning first hand about the guillotine or banana splits. more...

Philosophy 04 - Intuitive vs. Complex
Wrestling is the most natural and intuitive sport. We looked at this last article and saw how not just dad and kids, siblings and friends, but even the animals wrestle. Most people intuitively understand the basics of wrestling. more...

Philosophy 05 - Sport of Life
In past articles we have explored how wrestling is both intuitive at the surface yet extremely complex and deep. It is the sport of war and shares the same science and objectives. It is also the sport of nature for both men and beast. more...

Philosophy 06 - What's in a Name?
One of the questions that has come up a couple times is the name of our organization - RealProWrestling. Let me explain a couple thing regarding this. more...

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