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RPW History 01 - The Beginning
As RealProWrestling finally comes to television March 27th, you may be curious how RPW got started. Amidst all the current complexity of business, marketing, and post-production, it is almost comical how simple it all got started. Little did we know that a couple years later we would find ourselves in the middle of birth pangs with no turning back. more...

RPW History 02 - The Plan
Last article I told how RPW came to be. It would be cool if it were some grand story complete with soundtrack, elven princesses, and wizards with swords. But actually, it was a rather normal day and a typical conversation. Of course, if RPW is such a big hit that they make that fateful day into part of a movie, Matt and I will claim it was dramatic, emotional, and that we had to battle a thousand orcs. After all, is that not how a movie tells us it has to be? more...

RPW History 03 - Initial Research
After deciding to step out and attempt to start a professional league for real wrestling, we knew the first thing we had to do was get some advice and find out some data. We had a basic plan, but we knew there were still many details to find out. Most of these details we could not learn until we had actually started our journey. We did our best to learn what information we could before we set out. more...

RPW History 04 - Wayne's Hail Mary
Last week we read about how Matt and I, the two founders of RPW, started off on our quest for information to start a pro league. This quest led us to Wayne Gernstein, the guy who started the failed National Wrestling League (NWL) , the last attempt to start a real professional wrestling league. We ended last week’s article with us meeting Wayne at a restaurant in Chicago. more...

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