Gym - Principles of Wrestling
Principles 01 - Introduction
Every house or building that is built well must have a good foundation. So too with life. Each one of us builds our house upon some foundation. For some it is on solid rock that anchors us throughout the storms of life. For others it is on shifting sand that causes their house to crumble over time.

Whether it is with a house or with life, only a good foundation is really any foundation at all. This is also true with wrestling. When learning wrestling one must build upon a solid foundation of ... more...

Principles 02 - Overview of Principles
Last article we introduced the concept that there is a right and a wrong way to wrestle. This scientific theory is big enough to explain all wrestling no matter your body type or skills. This theory is known today as maneuver warfare. more...

Principles 03 - Tactics: Finding a weakness
Last article we made the bold claim that there is a theory that can explain the science of wrestling. This theory is general enough to account for all the various styles, yet specific enough to actually be of use every second of a wrestling match. This theory, called maneuver warfare has been tested on the battlefield over the last three millennium and directly applies to wrestling. more...

Principles 04 - Tactics: Find (continued)
In this ongoing series about wrestling concepts and technique designed for the advanced wrestler and coach, we started looking last article at the four main principles of Tactics: find, fix, flank, and force. We furthermore started to apply the principle of finding a weakness to wrestling and started by breaking down the weakness of a wrestler in his stance. Last article we looked at the weaknesses of the square stance; this article we will look at the weaknesses of the staggered stance. more...

Principles 05 - Tactics: Fix
Last two articles we covered Find, the first of four principles of Tactics, the core subset of the principles of wrestling. This time we will look at the second principle of tactics which is Fix. more...

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