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Rules 06 - Other Rules

Now that we have covered the basics of scoring and the bonus, we take take a look at other miscellaneous rules in RealProWrestling. This articles we are going to look at Cautions, Injury Time, Blood Time, and the TV Challenge.

When a wrestler used an improper starting position or does some illegal move, he will receive a caution. If the wrestler gets three cautions he will be disqualified.

Example 1

There are three starting positions that a wrestler must know. The first is the par terre position. RPW uses the standard freestyle and Greco position here, that is the bottom man must have his limbs at right angles and the top man with his hands on the bottom man's back, touching his thumbs. (See example 1)

The second position is the par terre clinch position that can be used at the start of the bonus. In this position, the top man can start with his hands locked around the bottom man's torso in either a regular lock or a reverse lock. The top man also must not put any part of his legs inside the box formed by the bottom man's hands and knees. (See example 2)

The third position is the standing clinch position used at the start of the bonus. In this position, the defensive wrestler stands straight with his arms at a 45 degree angle. The offensive man stands toe-to-toe, straight up, and locks over one arm and around the waist. The offensive wrestler may lock in any grip he wants. Neither wrestler may change levels in this clinch position or bend at the waist. (See example 3)

Example 2

A wrestler may also receive a caution for doing something illegal. Striking, pulling limbs beyond their normal range of motion will definitely receive a caution, and if the violation is bad enough, the wrestler may get disqualified. A referee may also give a caution to a wrestler who show disrespect.

If a wrestler gets injured he is allowed one minute of injury time. If the wrestler cannot continue immediately after his injury time expires he must forfeit the match. Injury time will not be counted for bleeding. This is called Blood Time and the match will stop until all blood is cleaned from the mat, the wrestlers, and bleeding is stopped.

The last miscellaneous rule involves television challenges. RPW has seven cameras that the referees can use to make sure they get the call right. The mat referee may refer to these cameras any time he is unsure of a call.

Example 3 (video)

The coaches are also allowed to challenge the referee call one time per match. This TV Challenge not only goes to video review, but there is a different referee who decides the proper call. This third referee may also consult with the mat referee and the action meter referee also.

All judgments of the TV challenge referee are final. Due to the fast replays of the relevant angles from the seven camera angles on large projection screens for the wrestlers, coaches, referees, and fans to see, call are usually resolved correctly. If by chance all the replays do not show conclusive evidence to overturn a call, then the ruling by the mat referee stands.

A wrestler is not allowed to argue with a referee over a call. However, his coach is given wide berth to argue on his wrestler's behalf. How much a referee will tolerate is up to the individual referee. If the referee throws a coach out, it is only for the remainder of the match.

Being thrown out can be used as a sign of protest by the coach but is purely theatrical. RPW gives free reign to the coaches to be animated and lively as long as they do not swear, stop the show for too long, or physically assault anybody. However, the wrestler is held to a much stricter code of conduct.

One last thing. As the rules of RealProWrestling are new, if any area or rule is under dispute and not clarified enough by RPW, the normal freestyle and Greco international rules apply. This precedent will be the guide for all future rulings unless RPW specifically amends its rules to deal with the situation.

Story By Staff Writer, RPW Home Office

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