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Rules 07 - Team Scoring

In RealProWrestling, a wrestler not only competes to win the match but also competes to earn team points. The points from every match are added together to determine the championship team. In the future, RPW will feature dual meets between two teams as they go head-to-head at each weight class.

Every point scored in a match is relevant to team score. If a wrestler gets a fall or technical fall, he earns fifteen points for his team. If he wins by decision, his margin of victory will determine how many team points he earned.

So for example, if a wrestler wins 5-2, he earns three team points. If he wins 14-13 he earns 1 team point.

Therefore, it is not enough for a wrestler to just win, but to win by as many points as possible for his team. Also, even if a wrestler loses, it is important to hold the match close to help his team.

Forfeits and disqualifications are also worth 15 team points.

In dual meets, the visiting team must submit their wrestler lineup first one hour before the start of the event. The home team can then choice to send out whichever eligible wrestler they choose. They do not have to notify the visiting team which wrestler they are sending out until the start of each match.

In case of a tie during a dual meet, criteria shall determine the winning team. This criteria is as follows: number of falls, number of technical falls, number of forfeits, number of wins, number of high throws, and number of throws, number of near falls, number of turns, number of takedowns, number of reversals,number of escapes, and finally, number of pushouts.

Story By Staff Writer, RPW Home Office

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