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Rules 02 - Ways to Win

Last article, we covered the basic objective of wrestling and four primary ways to score. This main objective is to take one’s opponent to the mat and pin their shoulders to the mat for a fall. If no fall occurs during the six minute match, points are awarded for getting one’s opponent into various stages closer to the fall, and the wrestler with the most points wins the match. For the full details, go back and read Rules of Wrestling Overview if you haven’t already.

When a wrestler wins a match on points it is called a win by decision. Since it is extremely hard to trick a good wrestler into a pinning situation, and even harder to power a good wrestler into a pinning situation, most matches in RealProWrestling end in a decision.

However, if at any time in a match, one wrestler gets 15 or more points than his opponent, the referee will stop the match and declare a technical fall. For those who know boxing, this is similar to a technical knockout. Some might think of it as a slaughter rule. Most wrestlers simply call it a tech fall.

There are a few other ways to win - or lose - a match. There are a number of holds and actions that are illegal. If a wrestlers does one of these moves, he might just get a caution or he could be immediately disqualified. It is up to the referees judgment what to do. He will usually have the punishment fit the crime.

If a wrestler gets three cautions he will also be disqualified. When a wrestler does get disqualified, the match is immediately stopped and the other wrestler is declared the winner.

Actions that are illegal are any intentional striking, such as kicking, punching, or head butting; braking the skin from biting or scratching; attacking the face, throat, or privates; and pushing or pulling any limbs beyond their normal range of motion.

If at any time during the match a wrestler were to get injured so that he cannot continue, he would have to forfeit the match and his opponent would win by forfeit. Occasionally it happens that a wrestler wins a match in a tournament but cannot continue due to an injury. He would then withdraw and would forfeit his next match before it even starts.

While some matches end in a fall, a tech fall, a disqualification, a forfeit, or a decision, some matches end in a tie. In this case, the wrestlers go to overtime, immediately continuing in a sudden death situation. There is no time limit and no rest. The first wrestler to score a point wins the match by decision.

That concludes the various ways to win. Next week we will explore all the various ways to score form the feet.

Story By Staff Writer, RPW Home Office

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